Hickory dickory murder

An improvised mystery of questionable literary merit


You are cordially invited

Intrigue, deception, betrayal, secret identities and lost gemstones. Or other things entirely. In this improvised golden age detective story, The Dead Secrets use audience suggestions to propel a world of untrustworthy characters through implausible plot twists towards the mystery’s thrilling, unbelievable conclusion.

Extracts from the society pages

"There's an art to creating a satisfying explanation out of chaos, even for mystery writers who have time to plan what they're doing. The Dead Secrets didn't just make it look effortless - they made it look fun." - Daily Info
"Superb murder mystery mayhem" - Piccadilly Productions
"Hilarious ... the audience was in hysterics! ... Absolutely brilliant ... a great evening's entertainment" - Tim Scott, Live and Local Promoter
Nominated - Best Comedy Show, Buxton Fringe 2016

Upcoming soiréeS

Hickory Dickory Murder will be back in the New Year for its Oxford Season so do keep an eye out for your invitation old chap.