The Curiositorium

A labyrinthine comedy adventure

The mysterious Curiositorium and its countless exhibits of wonder and terror have lain dormant for years, hidden beneath a more socially-acceptable museum. Can the mild-mannered curator unlock its secrets? Can the terrifying DeClaw finally defeat his nemeses, the even more terrifying Shadow People? And will the loveable experiment Sputtoms ever be a real boy, or must Professor Cribbens destroy him and start again?

Through a whirlwind of comedy sketches, the audience will be taken on a raucous adventure full of extraordinary characters, into a world of science, magic, intrigue, wonder and curiositation.

Discover the answers to questions you didn’t know could be asked in The Curiositorium, a brand new sketch show by award-winning comedy adventurers The Dead Secrets.


The Curiositorium is now closed for cleaning. It will be back. 


There are nods to Pan’s Labyrinth, Frankenstein’s Monster and Monty Python, but only as starting points for their own surreal sketches … Just surrender to the madness and enter The Curiositorium” – The List (Edinburgh Fringe 2015)

“There were dramatic changes in mood from scene to scene, moving from the mundane to the macabre, from high drama to bathos, from utterly bonkers to downright creepy. The Dead Secrets lived up to their reputation for innovative and imaginative writing, the creation and rapid establishment and development of a set of unforgettable characters, and slick, fast-paced production with rapid changes of scene and costume” (Heather Kay for Daily Info)

pulling a laugh in every skit, mixing up mime, a witty script and an overall tone of self-aware silliness, it is easy to imagine that out of The Dead Secrets will come tomorrow’s new sketch comedians.” – Culture Compass (Edinburgh Fringe, 2015)

“The cast efficiently and effectively moved from character to character and sketch to sketch referencing themes, memes, mime, bygone eras and styles with consummate ease, with barely a moment’s hesitation and hardly enough time for the echoes of one to joke to die before the rumours of the next began … To really appreciate the full surreal panoply which is The Curiositorium see the show for yourselves” (Helen Smith for Daily Info)

Awards / Nominations

Nominated – Best Comedy Show, Buxton Fringe 2015

Digital Wall of Gratitude

The Curiositorium was performed at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe with generous support from the following fine, good-looking people:

Alan, Alasdair Rutherford, Anna Karin Berglow, Ben Galpin, Bridget, Chris Fleming, Chris Mounsey, Christopher Jordan, Clive Nicholson, Denise Grassi, Dominic Hargreaves, Edward Ziff, Emma Newcombe, Gary Chambers, Helena Helm, Hilary Wilcock, Ralph Nicholson, Jenni Marshall, Jess Roberts, Jo Noble, Jo Perkins, JP, Julie Bowdler, Karen Gordon, Kevin Elliott, Kirsty, Krystyna, Laura Bradley, Lisa Doscher, Lori L. Channell, Lorrie Sugden, Lou, Louise Egan, Maria Grassi, Mikal Mast, Mike Kyle, Mike Taylor, Nat Ring, Natasha Kennedy, Nicole Namour, Paul, Paul Graham, Paul Sibbons, Paul Staveley, Paula Pena, Sally, Sally Smith, Sandra-Lynne, Sarah Pyper, Sheila Henderson, Tony Harris, Vicky Kingsman and Websterpoet.